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Fili D’Erba 72 Dining Table.

Dining table with Murano glass base available in combinations: blue, turquoise, frosted white; emerald green, grass green, frosted white; black, grey, frosted white; all frosted white; “rugiada” finishing. Special edition with gold and “murrine” glass base available.

Glass top 15 mm thick with 45° bevel.

Shown with Rugiada finish. For more information regarding prices on any other finish or size please contact the store on 0161 273 5331.

Weight & Dimensions

General Dimensions:120 x 120 x 74 cm

  • Reflex - Murano Glass Furniture

    Reflex Angelo Furniture was born more than twenty years ago with this ambitious aim. Through precious lessons deriving from the tradition of the family glassworks established in the 40s, the industrial glass, so charming with its linear essentiality, is enriched and warmed by shapes and colours that, although they are topical, always refer to the inexhaustible heritage of the Venetian handicraft, with intelligence and creativity, giving life to a product unique of its kind.

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    Reflex was the first furniture company to use Murano massive glass as a base for its tables, and has become the expert at Murano glass furniture. The use of high-quality materials, such as glass, marble, forged iron and wood, applying new contrasts and technological processes on the cutting edge, with master craftsmanship.

  • Reflex - Italian Glass Furniture

    The results are furnishings that express the perfect synthesis of technology, design, research and tradition. Reflex collaborates with famous architects, both Italian and Foreign. The most well-known are: Pininfarina, Sacha Lakic, Maurice Barilone, Andree Putman, Arnaldo Gamba, Leila Guerra and Marco Piva.

  • Reflex Stockist Manchester

    We have one of the largest Reflex Galleries in the UK and our sales staff are some of the most knowledgable on the whole Reflex catalogue.

Fili D’Erba 72 Dining Table


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