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Timothy Oulton Arc Round Mirror



Timothy Oulton Arc Round Mirror

The Arc Collection is inspired by electric arcs and the resulting burst of light seen during flash welding, a glow often seen in workshops fabricating parts for cars, bikes, or other machines. The idea behind the design was to capture that flash when the high voltage point strikes the arc and releases a massive amount of energy and glow, and incorporate it as a continuous, controllable glow within a mirror, table, or pendant. Part of our Outlaw Collection, inspired by the industrial and automotive world.


Arc is part of the audacious Outlaw Collection. The Outlaw goes by many names; the renegade, the maverick, the entrepreneur…stepping outside of the current system and imagining a new way.

Arc Round Mirror Specification Sheet

Weight 55.5 kg
Dimensions L99 x W99 x H


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