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Natuzzi Editions Bari Chair

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Natuzzi Editions Bari Chair

Every house has its throne room, a room where the Bari reclining armchair will fit just perfectly. Like all Easy Relax armchairs, the Bari is an artful mix of comfortable and stylish. Tall backrest, solid armrests, metal swivel base, and great functional design make every task easy when sitting on a Bari armchair. Motion electric reclining mechanism, combined with a double topstitching on the sides, spruce up the Bari’s classic line with a pinch of modernity.

More finishes available to order in our Manchester Natuzzi gallery.

Plug in version

Natuzzi Editions Bari Specification Sheet

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Dimensions L109-168 x W236 x H79-103
Natuzzi Finish

Dream – 20JV, Dream – 20JX, Dream Leather – 20JE, Dream Leather – 20JF, Dream Leather – 20JG, Dream Leather – 20JH, Dream Leather – 20JI, Dream Leather – 20JJ, Dream Leather – 20JK, Le-Mans Leather – 1571, Le-Mans Leather – 1575, Le-Mans Leather – 1576, Le-Mans Leather – 1581, Le-Mans Leather – 1582, Le-Mans Leather – 15C3, Le-Mans Leather – 15C5, Le-Mans Leather – 15C6, Le-Mans Leather – 15CI, Le-Mans Leather – 15CQ, Le-Mans Leather – 15CT, Le-Mans Leather – 15CU, Le-Mans Leather – 15CW, Le-Mans Leather – 15CY, Le-Mans Leather – 15D1, Le-Mans Leather – 15D4

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