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Cattelan Italia Bluebell Ceiling Lamp



Cattelan Italia Bluebell Ceiling Lamp

Design: Studio Kronos
Year: 2024

The Bluebell chandeliers can be hung individually or in dynamic compositions based on orientation and size. These horseshoe light fittings are the kind of detail that can bring together the individual elements in a room and turn them into a coordinated designer environment.

The arcs that intersect in mid-air create geometric sections that are reassuring in their mathematical precision. This layering effect is achieved by placing lights with different sizes, heights and angles side by side, although the Bluebell chandelier is perfectly at home on its own, further enhancing the contrasts between the horizontal tops of tables, coffee tables and sideboards, and the curved lines of this modern light fitting. An LED light strip is positioned along the upper and lower outer edges, diffusing a soft, evenly dispersed light. At either end of the structure, two triangular brass dowels are positioned, creating a minimalist yet eye-catching style.

Ceiling lamp with frame in satin iron grey steel and brushed brass details. Ceiling plate in black chrome (06) steel. Led lights. Optional: remote control and receiver.

To create a multi-light configuration with one ceiling plate, you will need to order either “L1”, “L2” & “L3” with the “socket 2/3”. Standalone lights come with a ceiling plate already attached ( “1, 2 & 3”)

Bluebell Light Specification Sheet

Cattelan Italia Size

1-103x82x6h cm, 2-84x62x6h cm, 3-61x42x6h cm, L1-103x82x6h cm, L2-84x62x6h cm, L3-61x42x6h cm, S2/3

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