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Lago Loto Dining Table

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Lago Loto Dining Table

A table that opens up like a flower to welcome guests.

Loto is a square table with seating for four additional guests:the table extensions open up like petals and hospitality blooms for get-togethers and socialising.

The method for extending the table is easy and intuitive. The extensions open up with a single gesture that requires no special physical strength. There is room for eight people around the Loto Table. When you open up the extensions, the table looks like a blooming lotus flower. And each petal adds a seat at the table.

The geometry of the square is used to create an innovative way of extending the table. The four triangular extensions are hidden under the square table surface. Opening them up, you move from a square to a bigger square.

Loto is a table with a design edge, perfect for the kitchen or dining room.

Loto Table offers a vast range of options for customising its size and colours. For more information, please contact the store on 0161 273 5331 and speak to a design consultant.

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